“Here are two artists at work and making music – and, in Tschaikowsky, an Orchestra that follows with vitality and variety – guiding, with temperament and surprising solutions in detail, this old battlehorse-concert across well-known territory.”

Peter Cossé, Klassik Heute (Germany), on a recording of Tschaikowsky’s
Piano-Concerto in B flat- minor featuring german pianist Wolfram Schmitt-Leonardy
with Manfred Neuman conducting the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

“Enthusiatic bravos … and minutelong acclaim … for an exemplary reading of Gustav Mahler’s “Song of the Earth”, first performed in 1911 … A conductor with untiring body language, precise indication, inspiring and fascinating alert intelligence.”

S. Dettweiler, Die Rheinpfalz (Germany), on a performance of Mahler’s
„Song of the Earth“, broadcast on german public radio.

“Manfred Neuman proved to be a prudent, precise and resolute conductor, and, in Beethoven’s Piano Concerto, a reliable accompanist.”

Werner Matthes, Nordwest-Zeitung (Germany), on a concert
with the Philharmonia Hungarica. Also published
in Das Orchester (Germany) and Neue Musik Zeitung (Germany).

“After the interval followed Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 9 op. 70, a difficult work with a rich orchestration… In the first movement we noticed outstanding playing of the brass and woodwind sections… I would like to stress the perfect coordination of the conductor and his orchestra in all those irregular rhythms, characteristic for this composer.”

Arnulfo Canales Flores, El Norte (Mexico), on Manfred Neuman
conducting the Monterey Symphony performing works
by Liszt, Haydn and Schostakovich.

“Schmidt-Kowalski knows how to treat forms without seeking experiments. His music sounds somehow familiar but not worn-out…
Gernot Süssmuth as violin soloist remains an objective defender of the composition, just as Manfred Neuman at the conductor’s desk of the Kaiserslautern Radio Orchestra. Both go well together, striving for thrilling dialogue. The Symphony… op. 96 reveals more orchestral passion and allows the conductor to develop a symphonic profile.”

Jörg Loskill, Das Orchester (Germany), on the Naxos recording
of Thomas Schmidt-Kowalski’s Symphony Nr. 4 and Violin Concerto Nr. 2.

“This release has four works that are offered in their original orchestral guise for the first time on CD. But what makes it so important is the inclusion of the massive, growling, brazen concerto of Henri Tomasi (1901-71) … But now we have it, there is so great cause for rejoicing, because this performance should set the standard for many years….
And for those so inclined, this is absolutely the best recorded performance of Debussy’s awful “Rhapsody” that I have ever heard. The bold, snarling brass and warm vibrant strings almost made me like that piece…
It has some moments, and when played like this, a lot of excitement… really wonderful.
The Munich Radio Orchestra sounds here for all of the world like the best group in the history of recordings.”

Ritter, American Record Guide (USA), on the Audite album
“French Saxophone”, featuring Saxophone Soloist Dominique Tassot
with Manfred Neuman conducting the Munich Radio Orchestra.

“Finally comes the Debussy. It is all plush and dripping honey, gurgling dances and warm dawns. The orchestra score a wondrous warmth at 2:19. I really liked this collection. It is well played in every department. The selection reflects an audacity and valour rare in today’s industry.”

Rob Barnett, musicweb international (UK) on the Audite album
“French Saxophone”, featuring Saxophone Soloist Dominique Tassot
with Manfred Neuman conducting the Munich Radio Orchestra.

“Such atmospheric and dense sounds…..with the Saarlouis Symphony Orchestra. Here the Maestro with his acrobatic baton chose the right degree between romantic opressiveness and cool elegance.”

Stefan Uhrmacher, Saarbrücker Zeitung (Germany),
on a concert with french music performed with the Saarlouis Symphony.

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